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March 13, 2012
Granger Unveils New Brand and Promotes Landfill Gas-to-Energy Education
Ever wonder what happens to your trash once it leaves your house? Associates from Lansing-based Granger educated the Lansing community and students from Lansing Post Oak Magnet School at their Wood Road Generating Station, Tuesday, March 13, with a delicious demonstration about that very question.

Using “Layered Landfill Sundaes,” Granger associates illustrated how landfills function and how their landfill gas-to-energy programs use everyday trash to power homes, schools and businesses in our community. The company also staged a press conference to unveil the new brand and tagline “Collecting Tomorrow’s Energy.”

“We wanted to do something educational and fun,” said CEO Keith Granger. “This is an opportunity for us to help our current and future customers understand who Granger is and what Granger does. We provide many services, and this exercise—like our new brand—helps explain that process.”

Granger provides environmentally friendly options for waste removal and disposal, energy services, landfill management, recycling and composting. The new brand reflects a unity between all of these important services. Granger’s Lansing site is just one of its many landfill gas-to-energy programs in communities across the nation, so a brand revamp was necessary to provide cohesiveness, while also aiding in the company’s expansion.

“Our new look says so much,” said Granger. “It really helps convey what we do at Granger, and we’re excited to share that with the communities we service.”

Granger is a third generation, family-owned and operated business based in Lansing, Mich. Through innovation and planned growth, Granger has evolved into a leading comprehensive environmental management firm responsible for the recovery of resources through recycling, composting and landfill gas-to-energy programs.
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