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September 27, 2011
Decatur-Morgan County and Granger Power Homes with Renewable Energy
Officials from the Decatur-Morgan County Landfill and Granger hosted an open house today for two separate generating plants that will provide green energy to nearly a thousand homes and businesses in the area.

State Senator Arthur Orr of the 3rd District; Rickey Terry, Landfill Director, Decatur-Morgan County Landfill; Keith Granger, Chief Executive Officer, Granger; and Todd Davlin, Operations Manager, Granger Energy Services were on hand to celebrate the successful launch of the green energy projects.

“Landfills have long been valuable resources as safe repositories for the waste we all generate. Now, landfills are an even greater resource as we tap into the energy potential of trash,” Granger said.

In March 2010 the agreement was signed to move the first landfill gas-to-electricity project forward. The development of the generating station at Granger’s facility was completed, and soon a second engine was installed at the County owned and City operated recycling center. Each engine has a generating capacity of 0.8 megawatts of electricity which is utilized by Joe Wheeler EMC and TVA customers. The projects are a green power public/private partnership with Decatur-Morgan County and Granger.

The Decatur-Morgan County Landfill is responsible for the landfill gas collection system. Granger will manage the facilities and operations for the purpose of generating power. The electricity will be transmitted via the Joe Wheeler EMC utility grid.

The annual reduction of greenhouse gases attributable to both projects is approximately the same as the annual greenhouse gas emission from more than 12,974 passenger vehicles, or the carbon sequestered by more than 14,468 acres of pine or fir forests. In addition, annual energy savings equate to powering 945 average homes.

“We’re producing renewable energy from waste that was disposed of more than 25 years ago. I would say that’s recycling in its purest form,” Rickey Terry, Director Decatur-Morgan County Landfill, remarked.

Renewable energy is produced from landfill gases at the Decatur-Morgan County Landfill. The naturally occurring gas in landfills, comprised of about 50 percent methane, is captured through a perforated pipe gathering system. The gas is pulled from the landfill into the generating stations, processed and used as a fuel source for engine generator sets. The engine generators create electricity, which is distributed to the utility grid.
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