4 Ways Technology Helps with Waste and Recycling Collection

By Rachael on April 30, 2018

You might think picking up trash and recycling is pretty straightforward, and it is. But just as technology has improved operations and efficiency in offices, it has enabled some positive changes with your garbage and recycling collection. Here are a few ways Granger is using technology to improve our operations:

Automated Collection

Many of our trash and recycling routes have been converted to collection with an automated side load truck. These trucks have a mechanical arm that can pick up your cart and dump it into the truck. Not only is it safer for our drivers, it’s also more efficient. We can pick up approximately 30 percent more stops with these trucks and one driver than with the traditional rear-load trucks that are staffed with two drivers. To read more about automated side load trucks, go to https://www.grangernet.com/trash-talk-heres-low-automated-side-load-asl-truck/.


Each Granger trash and recycling truck is equipped with a tablet computer. These tablets can help our drivers in many different ways.

Routes are loaded directly into tablets, so each stop along the route comes up automatically, along with any messages on that account.

  • Drivers mark each stop as “completed” or “not out” as they get to it. This gives our customer service representatives real-time information about whether a customer has been picked up or not.
  • Stops can be pulled off the tablet while a truck is en route. That way, if a truck has a particularly heavy day, another truck can step in and help. Since the information is transferred from one truck’s tablet to another while they’re still working, the second truck can help while ensuring there is no wasted time or duplication.
  • Drivers can send and receive messages from customer service while on the route.
  • Drivers can take photos to add to a customer’s account or send to a supervisor for guidance.

Tracking Software

This web application connects with in-truck tablets to provide real-time tracking of location and status of trucks. Operations staff and customer service representatives can access this site from their office to see the current location of a truck, as well as where it has been and how much of the route has been completed. We can also use it to perform a route analysis to determine the most efficient way of routing when a large number of new stops are added.


Each Granger truck has multiple cameras. Cameras are located in the cab, on the sides and on the back of the truck. Video footage records directly to an SD card where it is stored and can be reviewed later in case of an accident or other problem. This footage is also used for training since it can be used to show actual situations drivers may encounter. The video also streams to a monitor inside the truck where it can be used by the driver as a backup camera and to check blind spots prior to turning or changing lanes.


These are just a few of the ways technology is improving waste and recycling collection here at Granger. We’ll continue to seek out and implement resources that improve efficiency and safety in our operations and help us provide the best service possible to our customers.

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