5 Ways to Connect With Granger in the Middle of the Night

By Rachael on January 18, 2018

You know the feeling. It’s 3 a.m. and you’re suffering from insomnia. Instead of counting sheep, you get up and turn on your computer. While you’re logging on, you remember that question you had—the one about your Granger trash service. You can’t give us a call because it’s 3 a.m., but there are ways to connect with us online at any hour of the day. Check out these ideas:

  1. Find us on Facebook. Go to www.facebook.com/collectingtomorrowsenergy. While you’re there, like us (we really want to be liked) to stay connected. You can scroll through our recent posts to find information on holiday delays, services and community events we’re sponsoring.
  2. Visit our blog. We’re glad you found it, but have you taken the time to look through our archives and read our previous posts? You’ll find a variety of different topics, ranging from what to do with yard waste to the history of Granger. You can even find out what to do if your Curby cart is lost or stolen.
  3. Check out our website. Visit www.grangernet.com to find out about our different service options, corporate giving program, tours and educational services and disposal center hours and pricing. The Customer Support page includes quick links and answers to frequently asked questions.
  4. Email Captain Curby. That’s right. You can email that loveable trash cart mascot at curby@grangernet.com with your questions. He might not be waiting around for your email message at 3 a.m., but he’ll get to it as quickly as he can after our office opens. If you send it right away, you won’t forget about it by the time you wake up in the morning, assuming you do get back to sleep at some point.
  5. Sign up for alerts. We’ll add your email to our database and use it to contact you about holiday and weather delays and service issues, as well as to send you other important information about your service. Simply click this link to sign up to receive our emails. And don’t worry, we won’t share your email address with other companies or junk up your inbox with a lot of unnecessary messages.

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