The lowdown on waste and recycling

Top 5 Plastics to Recycle and Not Recycle

The recycling guidelines list plastic as an accepted material, so that must mean any plastic, right? Well, as it turns out, all plastic is not created equal and some of it is not recyclable with your household recycling collection or at your local recycling drop-off. Here’s a rundown on what’s ok to toss in your… Continue reading

Safe Disposal for Spring Cleaning

There are few things as satisfying as spending the day cleaning out the basement, attic, closet, shed or garage and seeing those spaces go from dirty and cluttered to clean and organized. When you’re finished, it’s tempting to just throw everything you don’t want in a garbage bag and chuck it in your Curby Cart,… Continue reading

What You Can Do to Help Your Garbage Men and Women During the COVID-19 Situation

Waste collection is considered an essential service that is vital to the health and safety of our communities. We are grateful and proud of our associates who are out there every day making sure this important work gets done. Their jobs are far from easy, and we know you appreciate them as much as we… Continue reading

A Critical Tool for Safe Driving

We spend our days driving garbage trucks around your neighborhood. It’s a big responsibility, and we take it very seriously. We know that the most important aspect of our job is not picking up trash—it’s keeping ourselves and the people around us safe. There are many tools we use to ensure we are doing our… Continue reading

No Household Recycling Doesn’t Mean No Recycling

Household recycling collections and drop-offs are meant for recycling common items that can be recycled on a large scale. It’s important to follow the guidelines for this type of recycling carefully, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other, more specialty items, that you may want to find another way to recycle. If you can’t or… Continue reading

4 Reasons to Love Your Garbage Man or Woman

Sure, your spouse is pretty great, and you love your friends and your kids. But what about that unsung hero in your life? You know who we’re talking about—that superhero in disguise who picks up your trash. Here are some reasons to love your garbage man or woman. They make the world a better place…. Continue reading

7 Recycling Myths Debunked

There’s a lot of information out there about recycling, but not all that information is correct. These are just some of the rumors flying around about recycling that aren’t actually true. Myth #1 Caps and lids need to be removed. While there was a time when lids and caps needed to be removed, the general… Continue reading

5 Convenient Uses for a Granger Disposal Center

You may have heard about our Granger Disposal Centers, which are conveniently located in Lansing, Jackson and Alma, but you might not realize how useful they can be for you. Sure, they’re used by contractors and junk haulers, but they can also help out your average homeowner. Here are some ways you can make a… Continue reading

Most Popular Posts of 2019

We post about a variety of different topics related to our company and the waste industry on our blog, and it’s always interesting to see which posts our customers visited the most. Last year at this time, we reviewed the most visited blog posts of 2018. When comparing our results from both years, two things… Continue reading