Granger Partners with Able Eyes for 360 Virtual Tours of Lansing Facilities

By Andrea Davis on November 9, 2018

Generally speaking, the more information we have, the better we feel about new experiences. And for that reason, among others, we’re really excited about a resource that’s now available for Granger customers.

In October of 2018, we met with the co-founder of Able Eyes to film a virtual 360 tour of our Disposal Center of Lansing and Lansing Recycling Drop-off. According to the Able Eyes website:

The mission of Able Eyes is to provide visual, state of the art experiences/teaching tools for individuals with disabilities. Able Eyes provides a user friendly platform to teach skills and explore environments from several different perspectives. Our ultimate goal is to increase the accessibility of businesses and public venues by offering visual tours, making them “Able Eyes Accessible.”

The virtual tours allow us to offer members of the public the opportunity to see what the areas look like and observe any challenges to accessibility before visiting us. This is particularly important to those with disabilities, but also for visitors who just want to understand the layout of the facilities.

Able Eyes explained that video tours should be helpful for the following audiences:

  • Individuals with autism and Asperger’s are typically visual learners
  • Wheelchair users
  • Individuals suffering from anxiety disorders
  • Individuals with low vision

Additionally, we’re investigating opportunities to use these virtual tours in our educational programs in the future.

See for yourself and take a tour right now!

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