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By Andrea Davis on January 2, 2020

We post about a variety of different topics related to our company and the waste industry on our blog, and it’s always interesting to see which posts our customers visited the most. Last year at this time, we reviewed the most visited blog posts of 2018. When comparing our results from both years, two things stood out: 1) a few of the most popular posts were the same in 2018 as in 2019 and 2) just as for 2018, the most popular blog posts in 2019 were not those written in 2019. Without going into a lot of analysis about what that means, we’ve decided to make two top 5 lists for 2019, one for the five overall most visited posts during the year, and one for the most visited posts out of those written in 2019. Without further ado, here they are.

5 (Overall) Most Visited Posts of 2019


#5 How to Get Rid of Old Tires

We get a lot of questions about tire disposal, and since the rules and regulations about tires are a bit confusing, we thought this topic deserved some explanation. This post describes the regulations surrounding tire disposal and lists a few different options for what to do with those unwanted tires. (#4 in 2018) View post





#4 Trash Talk: Here’s the Scoop on the Automated Side Load (ASL) Truck

This post explains how our automated side load trucks operate and help us pick up trash and recycling in a manner that is safe and efficient. View post





#3 Yard Waste: What It is and What to Do with It

This post is one of a few we have about yard waste. Here, you’ll find a question and answer format, with information such as how to prepare yard waste for collection, what the weekly limits are on yard waste pickup and what your options are if you don’t have enough yard waste to justify weekly collection. Please note, our yard waste program will be changing in 2019 and this post will be updated once details have been finalized. (#5 in 2018) View post



#2 Why, Oh Why Didn’t My Trash Get Picked Up

There are several reasons why your trash or recycling might not be picked up on your service day and this post covers the most common. Also included is a bonus section that lists reasons your trash or recycling might be tagged not to be picked up. (#1 in 2018) View post




#1 The Propane Tank is Empty! Now What?

For all of you out there who like grilling, camping or other activities fueled by propane, this post offers some important information. It gives several options for disposing of propane tanks, whether they’re the small camping canisters or the larger tanks that are used for your gas grill. (#2 in 2018) View post






5 Most Visited Posts of Those Written in 2019

#5 Household Recycling: Bathroom Edition

This post is part of our series on what can be recycled in different rooms in your home. We make things pretty simple in this series, with a bulleted list of recyclable items and a bulleted list of items that shouldn’t be put in your recycling. The list is certainly not exhaustive, but it does contain everything we could think of that might be in your bathroom. View post






#4 Ditching the Numbers

This post explains why the recycling industry, in general, and Granger, specifically, made the decision to stop including resin identification codes (those numbers on the bottom of your plastics) when publishing recycling guidelines. View post





#3 How to Dispose of Guns and Ammunition

This post explains why guns and ammunition shouldn’t be disposed of with your regular trash. It also includes some alternative methods for getting rid of guns and ammunition you no longer have a use for or no longer want. View post




#2 Let’s Get Specific about Recycling

This post takes each category of recycling accepted by Granger and gives specific examples of items in that category that can be recycled. View post






#1 What You Should Know about Disposing of Aerosol Cans

This post explains the safest way to dispose of aerosol cans to ensure they’re not a hazard in the trash. View post





Well, there you have it—the most popular posts of 2019. If you have something you’d like us to blog about, shoot us an email to and put “Blog Post” in the subject line.

5 Most Visited Blog Posts of 2018

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