What You Should Know about Winter Trash Collection

By Rachael on January 27, 2017


Winter usually means quite a bit of snow and ice. Sometimes it means 60 degrees and raining, but that’s Michigan for you! Our goal is to provide outstanding service to all our customers, regardless of the weather and road conditions. The reality is that some days, we just won’t be able to meet that goal if we want to keep our drivers and others on the road safe. For those days that are more on the snowy and icy side and less on the rainy side, here’s how you can help things go a little more smoothly:

  • Find a good place to put your bags, bin or cart. Shovel a spot at the curb or place your container or bags in your driveway. If your drivers can’t easily get to your trash or recycling or can’t see it because it’s blocked by snow, it might not get emptied. This is particularly important if your trash or recycling are serviced by an automatic side load (ASL) truck. Learn more about our ASL truck.
  • Keep your cart out of the street to avoid any plow truck casualties.
  • Make sure you cart can be closed all the way so snow and rain don’t get in the carts. This will help keep the contents from freezing (but will not guarantee it). Whenever trash is frozen to the container, we may have trouble emptying all of it.

Also, remember that any of the following situations, which unfortunately neither customers nor Granger can control, may affect our ability to service your account:

  • Steep grades that are icy or snowy
  • Dirt roads that become very icy
  • Lack of turnaround space due to areas not plowed
  • Very low wind chill factor
  • Reduced visibility due to blizzard conditions or freezing rain
  • Closed or unplowed roads with deep snow

Sometimes, icy or snowy conditions will just cause us to run a bit behind, but we will be there later in the day. (Remember, you have a collection day, not a collection time, and times are never guaranteed.) But if we can’t get to your trash or recycling on your scheduled day, don’t despair. We’ll be happy to take extras for no charge on your next service day. There may be other options as well. For other reasons why your trash may not have been picked up, click here.

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